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Who We Are

Casa Buenos Aires is an Argentine entrepreneurship born in May 2003. It is based on the experience of two friends who had the pleasure of travelling around the world, taking the advantages of every hostel, those that seemed the nicest from the guests point of view, combined with their knowledge of hotel management. They took the best of each place to create Casa Buenos Aires.

At Casa Buenos Aires, we privilige the atmosphere, kindness and fun above all.

That is why the best we have to offer you, cannot be shown just with photographs or in a web site:

The best memories you will get from Buenos Aires are the hostel friendly atmosphere and the personal attention of its owners.


Charcas 3912 - Barrio de Palermo - Teléfono 15 5573-1795 / 54 911 5573-1795 info@casabuenosaires.com.ar